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STDSSA - Constitution

The Sexually Transmitted Diseases Society of Southern Africa

Constitution of the Sexually Transmitted Disease Society of Southern Africa
  1. Name
  2. Objectives of the Society
    1. To promote the scientific studies of sexually transmitted diseases (STD)
    2. To encourage the teaching of STD in universities, schools of medicine and colleges of nursing.
    3. To increase public awareness of STD.
    4. Promote education and the dissemination of information regarding the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of STD.
    5. Promote and facilitate communication between workers interested in STD and related fields, both locally and internationally.
  3. Membership
    1. Membership will be in the following categories: ordinary members, honorary members.
    2. Any person who is, or has been, engaged in teaching, research or practice in the fields of STD is eligible for election as an ordinary member. This includes medical and paramedical workers, administrators and applied workers in the field.
    3. Honorary membership may be granted by the Council to any person who has made major contributions in the field of STD.
  4. Change in Constitution
    The constitution of the Society shall be amended only by a two thirds majority after due consideration and discussion has been completed and the amendment proposed and seconded. Voting may take place at a General Meeting (after due notice of the proposed change has been given to all members) or by postal ballot, or both.
  5. Office Bearers
    1. Council
      1. The business of the Society shall be conducted by the Council which shall consist of the president, immediate past president, secretary, treasurer and six additional members.
      2. The six additional members of the Council should be elected from, if possible, geographical areas other than that from which the current members of the Executive Committee are drawn.
      3. The Council shall appoint a president elect, who will be inducted at the next annual meeting of the Society. The president shall hold office for a period of two years and shall be an ex officio member of the Council.
      4. The other members of the Council shall be nominated and balloted for at a general meeting and may hold office for a period of four years.
      5. The secretary shall keep minutes of the proceedings of the Society’s meetings and meetings of the Council and shall present an annual report on the Society’s activities at a General Meeting.
      6. The treasurer shall be responsible for banking and cheques shall be signed by the treasurer and a designated member of the Executive Committee. A treasurer’s report and a balance sheet shall be presented at an annual meeting of the Society.
      7. The Council is empowered to invest in trust securities such capital of the Society as they consider advisable.
      8. Six members shall form a quorum at a meeting of the Council. At least one of these shall not be a member of the Executive Committee.
      9. The Council shall meet just prior to, or at the time of, the Society Meeting. The secretary shall notify the members of the Council of a forthcoming meeting at least a month beforehand and shall notify them of the agenda two weeks before the meeting.
    2. Executive Committee
      1. An Executive Committee shall be elected at the first meeting of Council following such election. This will consist of the president, the secretary, the treasurer and three other members of Council.
      2. A quorum of the Executive Committee shall be four members.
      3. Wherever possible, the members of the Executive Committee should reside in the same geographical area.
      4. The Executive Committee shall hold office for two years.
      5. The Executive Committee shall have the power to act on behalf of Council in any matter of urgency placed before them by the secretary, provided that any action taken shall:
        1. be included in the agenda for consideration by the Council at its next meeting.
        2. have the same validity as if dealt with by the Council until it shall have been confirmed or rejected at the next meeting of the Council. The Executive Committee should have the power to co-opt Members to the Council to fill any vacancies which may arise from time to time.
  6. Application for Membership
    1. Every candidate for membership shall apply in writing to the Society. The applicant shall submit a brief curriculum vitae related to the field of STD which will include any contribution he has made in this field.
    2. The candidate may then be elected by the Executive Committee to membership of the Society.
    3. The secretary shall send to each member of the Executive Committee a ballot paper, including the names, status, qualifications, appointments and publications of the candidate nominated.
    4. Any Executive Committee member unable to attend a meeting at which a ballot is to take place can vote by sending the ballot paper, sealed in an envelope bearing his or her name, to the secretary. The secretary and one other Council member shall act as scrutineers.
    5. A candidate shall be elected by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.
  7. Subscriptions
    1. Every member shall pay to the Society an annual subscription of such amount as may be determined from time to time by the Council.
    2. Subscriptions shall be considered due in advance on the 1st of January of each year or, in the case of newly elected members, at the time of elections.
    3. Members whose subscriptions are in arrears may, at the discretion of the Council, have their membership cancelled.
  8. Committees
    Committees other than the Executive Committee may be appointed in such manner and having such powers, that may be prescribed by the Council.
  9. Meetings
    1. The Council shall meet once a year. 9.2 The Executive Committee will meet when necessary.
    2. The Society should have at least one ordinary meeting every two years, at which a general meeting of the Society will be held.
    3. The meeting shall be held at such places as may from time to time be determined by the Council.
    4. The secretary shall give six months notice of the date and place of the meeting and at the same time shall invite contributions to the meeting. The agenda of the general meeting shall be circularised at least two weeks before the meeting.
    5. Members may introduce visitors to the meeting and may also apply through the secretary for communications and demonstrations to be given by visitors.
    6. Any member may bring before a meeting any matter of business requiring the attention of the Society. Notice of such business shall be made to the secretary in writing before the meeting and shall be included on the agenda paper.
    7. No business shall be transacted at any general meeting unless a quorum of not less than 15 members is present.
  10. The Sexually Transmitted Diseases Society of Southern Africa
    is an incorporated association not for financial gain.