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Case of the Month - March 2015

Ms Valencia Kekana, Mr Alex Vezi, Mr Melt Ndlovu & Mr Frans Radebe –NICD/NHLS

A 30-year old woman presented with erythematous vesicular eruptions on the skin of the left forearm and right arm (see figure). Pustules on the back of the scalp and gingivostomatitis was observed. The rash on her left arm started as a small pimple, which then became bigger, very hard, red, painful and itchy for 6 days, after which, pustulation occurred. It spread to the right arm, face, upper back, the tongue, and scalp.

She was diangosed HIV seropositive in 2004, and started antiretroviral therapy with stavudine, lamivudine, and efavirenz in 2010, at which time her CD4 count of 194 cells/mm3, and a very high viral load.

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