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Case of the Month - June 2013

Dr Jeannine van Lochem, SASTM

In the early evening of a day in mid-April, (“Day 1”), a 60 old male, British national, presents to a small clinic on a mine, approximately 70 kilometres west of the Malian border, in Senegal, West Africa.

Patient complains that he “...feels like he is burning up,...” and has lower abdominal and back pain over kidney region. He is nauseas, not vomiting, but has no appetite.

Vital signs:

BP: 123/86 mmHg; Pulse: 98 beats/minute; Respiratory rate: 22 beats/minute;

Temp: 39.3 C; SpO2: 98%

On examination: Lower abdominal and renal angle pain and tenderness, nil else remarkable.

Question 1: What else do you want to know?

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